03 April 2018

Life Lately: April 2018

+ The most exciting news for myself was that I majorly changed up my hairstyle:

It was a family project, as usual. I talked Mom through the haircut and Angel through bleaching my hair and applying the blue haircolor. I'd been planning on cutting off all my hair as soon as the baby was born for quite some time now, and the color change is fun!

+ I also got a new dress. For 30 RM ($8)! I haven't really shopped for clothes, other than the 4 tunics I bought to wear during pregnancy, since last May. Last May, I bought new clothes while I was in the USA and then promptly was pregnant. I can now wear those clothes after quite the long break...but the problem is that I have a long-standing preference for dresses, woven materials rather than stretchy materials, high necklines, and not wearing layers. None of these preferences are terribly ideal for feeding baby. I have yet to figure out what to do about this, but this wrap dress is one foray into an attempt on compromising my fashion preferences with baby's fashion preferences.

+ We celebrated Easter with the family.

+ This year, Easter and my Dad's 50th birthday coincided, so on Easter Sunday we had a small party with longtime friends and neighbors to celebrate. There were a couple big surprises we'd lined up for his birthday--one being a book full of birthday messages that I'd decided to compile. Because contacting everyone Dad knows and scrapbooking a book full of birthday messages and photos and facts about the year 1968 is exactly the sort of project you should take on during the month you have a baby. I feel like I could have gotten more people involved if I hadn't been quite so sick or so distracted with my miniature person, but I ended up getting 35+ people involved in the project and the book contains a nice variety of birthday messages, stories about the hijinks he got up to in the past, old photos, drawings, and a copy of his AARP card, so that's all good. I think he was pretty shocked by the book! But he was especially surprised by the party entertainment we'd prepared--which consisted of about 75 photos of his childhood and teen years, collected by my grandpa, who, when he heard about my plans for Dad's birthday surprise, went through all of his old slides and used the very practical method of photographing them while they were being projected so that we'd have pictures of Dad throughout his life to share at the party.

(In case anyone's ever wondered why I'm ridiculously skinny...I come by it honestly.)

+ Also, at the party, we were talking about how all the party guests should line up in order of who had known Dad the longest. Of people at the party, Mom obviously had known Dad the longest, somewhere around 30 years, but I was runner-up, and for the most recently introduced, the winner was one party guest who had never met us before but came along with friends to the party, followed by Cyrus, who has only known his grandpa for a month. I think this should totally become a party game at milestone birthday parties!

+ Season 2 of A Series of Unfortunate Events is now out, and I've only seen two episodes so far, but it does not disappoint. The Baudelaires pretty much defined my childhood the way Harry Potter defined many people's childhoods, so my excitement for seeing the stories acted out cannot be underestimated. I love those books so much. "All nights are dark days, simply because night is simply a badly-lit version of day."

+ Cyrus's funniest toy that was given to him is a giant Minnie Mouse. Someday he'll be as big as Minnie Mouse, but not today. I've pretty much decided that this is the toy that ought to become his best friend, am I right?

+ I was laughing so hard at Cyrus's non-photogenic facial expressions while taking these photos of him and Angel that I could hardly keep the camera still. He wore pants in honor of Easter Sunday. It just didn't feel right to take him to church with no pants on. Grandma tried to buy him a pair of dress pants, but the smallest pair she could find weren't small enough to fit yet. So he wore the only pair of pants he has that fit: sweatpants. What my family always says about sweatpants is: "Sweatpants tell the world: I don't care." 
So I guess that was Cyrus's mood on Easter Sunday, if it weren't obvious from his face.

+ Other times, he's a bit more camera-friendly. I think in the next week or two we'll start moving from newborn to 0-3 month size clothing. Which I'm not too sad about. Everyone says they don't hardly need newborn clothing and they grow out of it so fast, so I believed them, but he's five weeks old tomorrow and his entire newborn wardrobe consists of 12 onesies and one pair of pants (Entire newborn wardrobe supplied by Angi C., my sisters Anna and Rebekah, and Angel's mom). Given that he wears at least three onesies a day, I'm about ready for a couple new looks at this point. When do babies normally grow out of newborn clothing? By the way everyone talked, I definitely thought it wasn't a whole 5 or 6 weeks first. We haven't actually bought this boy any clothing ourselves yet, other than the onesie we used in our pregnancy announcement, which we bought before he existed, so I'm not sure that counts. Even that onesie is a six month size so it'll be a while before he wears it...
I always just figured I'll wait and see how big he is and what kind of clothes he ends up needing. The great thing is that there's no need for seasonal clothing here--summer baby, all year round!


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How was your Easter? Have you been doing anything fun recently?


  1. Ha - everyone told me not to buy newborn clothing, too, and then Imogen was in NB sizes for at LEAST a month or more. She wasn’t even 7lbs when she was born and she swam in 0-3 month sizes for quite a while. She’s making up for it now, though, being in the 90th percentile for height! I remember thinking how HUGE some of her clothes looked and now she’s outgrown them all already. It’s bizarre to think that she used to be so small and it’ll be so weird when Cyrus starts wearing 3-6...6-9...9-12 month clothes.

  2. I heard the same thing too about not buying newborn clothes and I didn't have hardly any. Imagine my surprise when my daughter was born 5 weeks early and couldn't fit into any of the few newborn clothes she had. She had to have preemie clothes because she was so tiny! In the end, she grew out of her newborn clothes by three months, but again, she was a preemie so gaining weight took a lot longer for her than it would a baby carried to term.

  3. Your pictures tell the story! For the Easter break, we took a trip to wine region (Niagara on the lake).

  4. We've been watching season two as well! Love your momma's dress in the family photo

  5. Reuben was 10 pounds 6 oz when born and never wore any of his newborn clothes. Rebekah was 8p 7oz and wore newborn clothes for the first three weeks. She's now in 0-3m. It really depends on the size of the baby haha. At least in my experience.

  6. Newborn clothes are tricky. I didn’t buy any either because I was told they’ll last maybe a week, and my OB was convinced Gracie was going to be huge. Of course, she wasn’t. She was in newborn clothes for 6 weeks. She had 2 sleepers and a handful of onesies. I remember being so exited when I could pull out some 3 month outfits!

  7. What a special gift you gave your dad, and with a newborn as well! That dress looks gorgeous on you. The photos of Cyrus are so precious, thanks for sharing.

  8. I have heard that most babies don't use NB clothes, or not for long, but I guess Cyrus just wants to be different! LOL I hope you can find some new styles for him soon though. And having one season all the time probably DOES help! Happy belated birthday to your dad - that book idea was so thoughtful. I'm sure he loved it. I hope you had a great Easter too. :)

    I never read A Series of Unfortunate Events but I know what Harry Potter means to me, so I get where you are coming from. I'm glad you are loving the show. I still need to watch the first season!! So many shows, not enough time. haha


  9. Your hair looks awesome! Regarding dresses, have you looked at Roolee? I haven't bought any of their clothes (the dresses are in the $50-60 range, so I'd want to do it for a special occasion) but they have some high-necked nursing dresses that are super cute and have concealed zippers on the sides for feeding sessions. I think it's a cool concept because I also love dresses, and while I don't mind wrap dresses for the most part, there are times when I'd enjoy getting to change it up!
    Your comment about Cyrus and pants made me smile. Our little guy didn't own pants for the longest time, so when he was a tiny baby he just wore onesies everywhere. Now that he's a toddler and looks very grown up, I think it's best for him to wear pants to church. But last Friday when we took him to the special service at church, we had only been there about 10 minutes when his diaper leaked all over his pants and we didn't have any spare clothes, so he spent the rest of the time in his nice button-down shirt and cloth diaper. Needless to say, this showed me the importance of having a spare set of pants on hand!

  10. It sounds like Cyrus is following in the steps of his mother and grandfather with his small size! :)

    I love your new hair cut and color! I wish I were brave enough to try colors, but I have such thin and lifeless hair, I'm afraid it would look sad. Actually, I'm THIS close to just shaving it all off, which would be a statement in and of itself. :)

  11. Everyone looks awesome! Love those Easter outfits! And Cyrus makes me smile--he's so adorable!

  12. oh your hair is awesome! i love your easter dress. i did not know season 2 of unfortunate events was out! i loved the books when i was younger and even liked the jim carrey movie (and i very much dislike jim carrey lol) so i totally watched season 1 and i'm absolutely going to watch season 2!

  13. I tell the world I don't care all the time then hahaha!

    Love the blue hair and your project for your Dad's birthday.

  14. Your hair is so pretty! <3! Best of luck to you in finding things you like to wear that also work with your baby! :P And same with clothing for him! I think I took forever to grow out of my newborn clothing too, hahaha.

  15. Loving your hair! So cute! And that's such a neat idea for your dad's birthday! Happy belated to him!

  16. I love that party game! I'm going to add it to the party file in my brain.

    Cyrus is chunking up already! He still looks like a new baby but I think the rolls are coming! Annabelle wore newborn clothes for 7 to 8 weeks then spent months in 0-3 months. These kids always keep us guessing!

  17. That birthday party sounds great! Your family is just so lovely. (At least, that's the impression I get from your blog. I could be wrong). That purple dress is super-cute. And the Cyrus photos have me laughing!