21 May 2018

Let's Go Climbing! {at Project Rock}

A rock climbing, or more specifically, "bouldering," gym opened up here last year. I'd wanted to go try it out...but was not in the right "shape" when they opened their doors. ;)

Now that my sister has arrived back in town, and since I knew that Project Rock was running a "Buy One Get One Free" special on Friday afternoons, I decided it was the perfect time to visit the gym with my family!

Eleven weeks post-partum with little athletic activity in the entire past year means I should totally be able to rock climb, right?

Guys. Clinging to handholds while climbing up and down and across angled walls is no joke. I made it up to the very top of the easiest climbing wall a couple times...and to the middle of the wall on some of the more difficult tracks...and definitely felt like I was using every muscle in my body to do so!

This "bouldering gym" is a bit different from the rock climbing walls I've been to in the past with harnesses and belaying--here, there are no ropes or harnesses, and it's not so much about climbing up, up, and up--but more about finding your way around the wall and various obstacles.

My dad may have recently reached the half-century milestone, but he was making climbing look easy!

Anna was probably the best of all of us, scrambling up the rock walls with ease. Jet lag? What jet lag?

I was especially proud of MaryGrace and Sarah--both were much stronger and much more confident than last time they had visited a rock climbing wall. Sarah was trying out all of the different walls and had a great time! To answer the mystery "Where is Cyrus?"...he was being held by Grandma as she sat just outside the gym and watched all of her loved ones attempt athletic feats just a bit outside of our comfort zone and/or ability level.

We had the gym pretty much to ourselves most of the first hour we were there, which is what allowed us to ham it up for some of these photos, but was also really nice because we had the space to try out all of the different walls to the greatest extent that we could. Towards the end, when most of us had collapsed and were stretching our aching fingers, some climbers showed up who clearly had a lot of experience climbing. It was fun to sit back for a while and watch climbers who knew what they were doing!

Sometimes, living on a small island, it can feel a bit like you "run out of" new places to go, so it's especially fun when a new interesting activity pops up. We enjoyed our visit to Project Rock--and the fact that we got a good deal makes this budget-conscious girl even happier! "Buy One Get One Free" deals are definitely what you want to look out for when you have a big family! Fun to explore and try out a new kind of exercise, and, though I doubt I have any future in serious rock climbing, it really is awesome to climb to the top and look down to see how far you've climbed. I'm glad we took the time to go and try something new instead of merely assuming that we probably wouldn't be terribly good at it.

Done anything extra fun lately? Have you done any exploring in  your own town, or tried out a new type of exercise in order to get active? Regular exercise is one of my goals this summer--this was definitely a bit more thrilling than a walk with the stroller or a pilates youtube video. :)
rooth said...

That looks really fun! I haven't tried out any new workouts lately - the dog and horse keep me pretty busy with the standard fare unfortunately

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Great job! Love the deal too - I'm all about finding good deals. It must be exciting to try something new; like you said, if you live in a smaller area, there probably aren't a lot of new options popping up. Definitely a fun way to get some activity/exercise in! And I'm glad you are enjoying your sister's visit. She really does look like you!


Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

This looks like a really fun way to get exercise and a fun family activity to do together! I bet you do feel it in your muscles for sure, I think it would be great strength training!

Katie said...

Bouldering is SO fun! My boyfriend and I enjoy going together. He introduced me when we first started dating 9 months ago. We got every couple of months and I swear, despite being someone who works out regularly, I always find it SO challenging and leave sore. WIth that said, it's deifnitely something I would love to do more of because it's definitely a total body workout!

Suzanne said...

I've wanted to try rock climbing for ages. Still haven't.

Looks like you all managed extremely well!


Trish @ The Trish List said...

I have always wanted to rock climb! We have one in town at one of the colleges but I never go. I need to get myself into gear and just do it.

Unknown said...

I have wanted to do rock climbing, but only in a gym not for real hanging off a cliff. That looks fun!

AnneMarie said...

That is so cool! And good job jumping into an exciting activity just a couple months after giving birth-I admire your motivation! That looks pretty fun, though I've never been much of a climber so I'm not sure I'd be able to do it (at least, I'd need to practice a bunch), but it looks delightful. I wonder if they offer "bouldering gyms) in the U.S.A. that don't have harnesses or ropes. It always seems to me that the U.S. is much more cautious about liabilities and potential injuries, so it's hard for me to imagine this kind of scenario here (though maybe I'm wrong and this does exist here!).

Farrah said...

Yay for climbing!! :D! Gotta love their BOGO specials too, hehe. It's such a great form of exercise! :] I'm glad you got a chance to check out Project Rock! I need to go check out more of the climbing gyms around me!

StephTheBookworm said...

This line seriously cracked me up: "watched all of her loved ones attempt athletic feats just a bit outside of our comfort zone and/or ability level." HAHA! I feel like that would totally be me too if I attempted this... out of my ability level for sure. Kudos to you for giving it a go, anyway!

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to try rock climbing! It looks like so much fun. Great job on making it to the top!