06 May 2018

Life Lately: May 2018

Craving: Chocolate chip cookies. Incessantly. Particularly in the middle of the night. I blame the amount of calories that nursing uses up. I went through the whole pregnancy with low appetite and only craving apples and grapefruit and popcorn...and now I think about chocolate chip cookies all the time. I don't have an oven so I don't actually make them. I could make them at my parents' house but everyone is working on eating healthier and reducing sugar intake, which is a worthy goal and one that I don't want to sabotage by filling the house with the smell of baking cookies. So the chocolate chip cookie obsession is only met if we happen to drop by a Subway.

Creating: Decor for our church's VBS in June. I knew ahead of time that I'd have a three month old during VBS so I purposely decided to not get too involved this year. So I only got put in charge of the decorations...and being the main on-stage speaker for all five days of camp. I'm superb at not getting involved in stuff. We're turning the inside of the church into a jungle. Hence the macaw painting.

Looking Forward to: My sister arriving from America in 10 days. Our grand plans for this summer mostly involve having her assist us in a grand variety of work projects, but even if the activities are of a humble sort, life with her is so very much fun and I can't wait. It's like waiting for Christmas morning.

Recovering From: A bad cold that had me sleeping during any hours I could steal throughout the weekend. The ability to breathe is not underrated, not at all.

Smiling Because: While we have Anna here to help over the summer, I'm going to be teaching my two youngest sisters classes on writing, and having them both write a major research paper in addition to smaller assignments. I'm not super-sure they're looking forward to me expounding passionately on the importance of creating logical arguments and using appropriate evidence and citing sources correctly. I told them that they will be doing a writing course with me this summer yesterday, and the 5th grader spent most of her evening rounding up sources and beginning note-taking on some topic related to the Tokugawa shogunate. I was impressed with her initiative and the speed at which she was working (especially given that the class has not yet begun) and told her so, and she responded, "It's just that I know you're a really serious teacher...I want to get a head start."

It's good when your students know you won't tolerate messing around. This is also probably a good argument for homeschool students to have "guest teachers" once in a while. It scares them just a little to be taught by big sister instead of Mom.

Thinking about: Exercising. I need to get back into doing Pilates every day, something about having a baby made me lose whatever core strength I formerly possessed, and something about needing to carry a 12 lb. baby everywhere means I need to regain strength, stat. I haven't yet been able to find any youtube videos that work well enough to follow consistently. Anyone have any recommendations of people or series to look on on youtube for low-impact, strength building exercise that are good for postpartum life? I like Pilates, but my old favorites are a bit too hard for me to do right now, I need something more for beginners.

Asking: "What does the fox say?" every time Cyrus wears his fox onesie. He isn't amused. He's clearly not a millennial. I'm so glad, Cyrus, that you didn't have to live through the "What does the fox say?" era. Sorry that it's my automatic reaction to your fox outfit.

Explaining: To Angel that it's probably not wise to say to others, in the hearing of your wife, "I'm so tired because I wake up with the baby at 4 every morning." When what you, in fact, mean, is that you wake up momentarily at 4 when the baby wakes up, your wife instantly takes the fussy baby out of the room, and you roll over and go back to sleep for the next two hours. He still wants it to be known that he did wake up for 30 seconds there. ;) I love my Angel so much and it's a good thing I'm a morning person by nature! For some reason, it's whenever Angel does the kind of stuff that makes me raise an eyebrow--the weird stuff--that I notice how much I love him. I appreciate oddities, I guess.

Wanting: An adventure! After not feeling up to adventures for the past year, I am so looking forward to adventures, big or small, in the near future. Maybe visiting the rock climbing gym, or taking Cyrus to the beach and to the park...maybe even going on vacation?!! Adventure mode has hit hard, but for now I'm just getting in some small doses in between work days.

What are you doing these days?
AnneMarie said...

Your macaw painting looks superb! Will you include pictures of the finished and decorated VBS space? I bet it will look so awesome :) For exercise postpartum, I really enjoy JessicaSmithTV on youtube. I don't know if she has stuff that pertains to strength, but when I was pregnant with my first I frequently did her prenatal cardio workout and then postpartum I continued to do that same workout since it was a gentle way to ease back into exercise. Also, I don't think she's annoyingly enthusiastic like some exercise video people are, which is nice since I'm not big into exercise.

The Lady Okie said...

So impressed by that painting! That will be fun to have your sister come visit. Cyrus looks so much like Angel, I think!

rooth said...

LOL on the 4 am wake ups - you just grit your teeth and nod I guess :) Cyrus is growing so fast!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, colds are the worst. I'm dealing with allergies right now which is essentially a cold, I'd say, and it's awful! I can't concentrate at all. Yay for your sister coming to visit soon. That's awesome. :)


Melissa Javan said...

I like this update; all the different things going on in your life and thoughts, nice!