13 May 2018

Weekend Shenanigans

First of all, the very first thing I did on Mother's Day was wake up bright and early and head sleepily to the hospital with Cyrus to get his morning nebulizer treatment for his bad cough. I'm glad he's on the mend after catching a cold, and although it's sad to see my baby not feeling well, something about that sort of morning activity on Mother's Day seemed just right. It's surreal to be responsible for this little one.

After the hospital, we came home and got dressed up for church:

Cyrus has a long way to go on perfecting a photogenic facial expression. At church, a lady asked me if he was a girl. Note that he's wearing an alligator shirt and cargo shorts. That's exactly how I'd dress up my baby girl for Mother's Day.

In all fairness, however, it must be noted that Cyrus played a minor role in the Mother's Day video shown at church...a role which might have caused some confusion for those who were watching closely. Other actors in the video should also seem familiar to you:

After church, we went home and got to talk with Angel's family a bit over video calling before we joined my family for lunch. Angel and I had given Mom a Mother's Day gift that we deemed absolutely brilliant the day before: steak.

Only, we were certain that the steak would turn out better if Mom cooked it than if either of us cooked it, because Mom has perfected the art of cooking the rather tough steaks that are available out here.

So we gave her a bag of raw meat.

We delivered it in a nice gift bag, too. She was at first confused why we were urging her to open her gift with all due haste until she realized it was meat.

So that ended up being the main course of the Mother's Day lunch. After that, the "little" girls gave Mom their gifts, and we thought that Sarah's presenting of Mom with the crafts that she made looked a bit like a politicians' photo op, so we took this photo:

As for me, Angel and baby boy spoiled me rotten.

In the morning, Angel gave me some sparkly new headbands, and I was gushing over them on the way to church, telling Angel, "You know, I love it when I'm given something to wear as a gift on a special occasion...because then I remember the special moment and how and where I got it every time I wear it. The headbands were the perfect gift!"

Angel was basically non-responsive to my effusive praise of his excellent the afternoon, I realized why. He was trying to be quiet and not give anything away, because he'd bought me another wearable gift: a dress!

It was a fun weekend, although the nights have contained less sleep than usual because of a sick baby. We're going to give in and buy our own nebulizer today, so hopefully the week ahead will involve less time at the hospital! Another "first" this weekend was, at the hospital, when the nurse called Cyrus in, she called him "Chris," which I at first didn't respond to because I thought they were calling someone else. It's always good to learn early on which alternate names your kid might end up being called!

How was your weekend? Do you think Cyrus has a future in acting? Based on his first appearance...I'm gonna say I don't think it's likely.
Kristina said...

The video was touching, though I found it hilarious that Cyrus was the baby, because he definitely looks like a boy baby to me!

Rachel said...

Yeah, he doesn't really look like a "pretty" baby--he looks pretty boyish!

Suzanne said...

Lucky you getting a new dress and headbands! You deserve it.

Nothing says Happy Mother's Day like raw meat.


rooth said...

Sorry baby Cyrus isn't feeling his best. I hope he feels better soon. Happy Mother's Day to you!

Beth (Coffee Until Cocktails) said...

Sounds like you had a good Mother's Day even with a sick babe. My little guy was a bit under the weather too, but we also still managed a nice day. I love the video! So sweet!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry he's sick! Sick babies are so sad. I hope he feels better soon and you all stay healthy.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy Belated Mother's Day! And Cyrus definitely looks like a boy! LOL I'm sorry he's not feeling too well, but hopefully he'll get better soon. I love that you and Angel gave your mom a bag of meat. LOL


Farrah said...

hahahaha, that lady at church's comment--why oh why... I hope he'll feel completely better soon! Glad you had a great Mother's Day!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

That video was just beautiful. I was thinking wow, the casting is great on this, everyone looks like family! LOL . I get it! Im glad you had a wonderful mothers day. That bag of meat is hilarious! I told my hubby to get my plants that I can plant afterwards, since we both hate spending money on flowers that die in a week. Although, Im not the owner of a green thumb so whos telling how long I can keep them alive! We will see. Have a wonderful week. Kisses to that sweet baby boy!

Trish @ The Trish List said...

I am glad your little guy is feeling better and you got to enjoy your Mother's Day. I like the idea of getting wearable gifts. I will have to hint that to the hubs!

mypixieblog said...

Awwww happy first mother’s day!! Hope you had a great one (sounds it!) and that is so sweet that your hubs picked up a dress and some headbands for you :) I love that!!

Glad to hear that Cyrus is feeling better, though I’m sorry you started your Sunday I’m the hospital with the little guy <3 lol at the woman who thought he was a girl?! Xoxo

AnneMarie said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! That video is really sweet, and I think Cyrus did a great job ;) I think it's hilarious y'all gave your mom a bag of raw meat. What a creative gift! I hope that Cyrus gets better soon! My little guy is almost 2 and I still find myself feeling overwhelmed at times at how little I know when it comes to taking care of him. I'm sure as time goes on it will get easier!

I'm glad that overall you had a good weekend. We went on a family hike to a local state park. It was pretty fun, but it was also really funny because it was called "Red Rock Canyon" and my husband kept saying, "This is NOT a canyon. This looks like my family's front yard." He is from the state of Washington, and has his moments where he just doesn't understand what midwesterners think is a "mountain" or a "canyon" or a "forest" haha!