03 June 2018

Target Practice

This weekend, we attended a formal 8-course Chinese banquet dinner celebrating our church's 60th anniversary. We took the "formal" part of the invitation quite seriously, and enjoyed a chance to dress up. It's a rare occasion that can get Angel to bring out the vest and tie! I even got a brand-new dress for the occasion, and brought out my pearl necklace that Angel gave me for our 3rd anniversary and the nice pair of heels I haven't worn since before my pregnancy.

The heels are important to this story. We'll come back to them.

The dinner was such a fun occasion. It was great to see our friends dressed in their best, everyone was happy and celebrating, and our table rejoiced in the fact that we successfully ate every last bite of each of the 8 courses, which is no small feat.

But...don't we have a baby?

Yes, he was there. Impeccably handsome in his jeans and collared shirt...and bare feet. Shoes is next-level, we'll save that for a black tie event.

He even stole the hearts of a few of the caterer's staff people. And he was passed around our table as various people wanted to hold him. He spent some time visiting my parents' table (an 8-course dinner is a lengthy affair), and when I went over to visit him at their table, I took off my heels for a bit to give my feet a break while I stood there and chatting with my sister, who was holding Cyrus.

Remember that I said the heels were important?

During our conversation, Cyrus leaned out from my sister's arms, and neatly threw up...into my shoe. Not on the church's carpeted floor, or anywhere else, but my left shoe now contained a puddle of milk.

One has to admire his aim.

I may stubbornly refuse to succumb to the old-fashioned "motherhood" style which involves fewer dresses and less blue hair....

But even the most stubborn of us cannot always escape from a shoe-full of regurgitated milk, apparently.


  1. You, your husband, and Cyrus look lovely, Rachel! Ouch! A shoe full of milk does not sound as pleasant as the 8-course banquet for your church.

  2. The family looked fab! Love your dress!

    Throwing up into your shoe sounds like a comedy sketch, although I'm sure you weren't laughing at the time.


  3. Oh goodness - that's kind of hilarious his aim was so good though! I hope you were able to clean out your shoes though. You all look great and how fun that it was an 8-course banquet! Never had anything like that.


  4. I have to confess that when I saw the beginning of this post, I thought you would write something about shooting a bow and arrows in formal attire, which would be pretty exciting. BUT, the actual content of this post was pretty entertaining. Cyrus has amazing aim!

  5. Oh but that's great, because all that had to be cleaned was your shoe! You look wonderful, by the way.

  6. Omg no! But sounds like a fun affair anyways.

  7. Hahaha! That's funny! I won't let go of the dresses, but I admit I had to give up on heels finally, at least when the kids are around. It gets tough when they get bigger and you have to chase after them all evening. ;-) Now I just wear them when I am going out by myself!

  8. Looking gorgeous as always, Rachel! Your hair looks fab!! and 8 courses. DANG, I'm impressed!!

  9. I love all these pictures! The party sounds wonderful.

    And the heels... well, these things happen.

  10. haha well at least he has good aim! Maybe he'll be an archer or something when he grows up!

  11. Look at his cute little feet!

  12. Hilarious that he threw up in your shoe! Perfect aim. Good job, buddy ;)

  13. Your dress is gorgeous! I love it! Too funny that he threw up in your shoe. I love it. And don't worry, you're not the only mom with blue hair ;)