30 July 2018

Beauty "Rules" I Live By

Go bare-faced often enough so that people are used to seeing you without makeup. If you wear make-up too often, people who see you without it will automatically ask "Are you sick?" or say "You look tired!" and....who wants that?

Find the ever-elusive clothing that is both gorgeous and comfortable. Don't bother having a closet full of ugly-but-comfortable clothing along with cute-but-uncomfortable clothing. The perfect blend of both ideals is out there, so don't spend your clothing money till you find it. Better a small variety of clothing that meets both qualifications than a large variety that doesn't. The same rules applies to shoes. Better one pair that is comfy and very pretty than five pairs that are only one or the other.

Never wear mascara to church {I know myself. I cry too often in church. Mascara just doesn't work for me there.}

Smile! I didn't go through the braces torture treatment at nine years old for nothing.

Always wear sunscreen on the face. I use a mineral/"mechanical" sunscreen because that's what I prefer--I've been using the "Yes to Carrots" brand for years.

Stand up straight. So, funny story. When I was really young, probably about 7 or 8 years old, I learned in school that people could tell who George Washington was from a distance because he had such good posture while riding on a horse. I don't even know if that is true, or part of the legends surrounding Washington, but for some reason it inspired me, and I've been a strong believer in good posture ever since.

Always own one pair of jeans that fit fabulously. Such jeans are difficult to find, and it's probably hard to find more than one pair, but do get that one pair. I have exactly one pair that fit really, really well, and I love them.

Find a good haircut that works with your natural hair texture and stick with it. Also, your natural hair texture often changes throughout make sure your hairstyle works for the hair that you have now, not the hair you had a decade ago.

Get professional photos taken once in a while. It's easy to skip this in the era of digital camera...but once in a blue moon or so...get the professional photos. We had a professional photographer at our wedding in 2010 and then the next time we got professional photos taken was 2017. Both times I am super grateful for. Maybe we won't wait seven years before our next professional photos. Maybe. :)

If all else fails...just hold a baby. Hanging out in the presence of cuteness bestows beauty by osmosis...I went to beauty school so you can trust me on that one.

What beauty rules or policies or procedures do you live by?
Cynthia said...

Wowww. Some of these never occurred to me at all; particularly #1 and the posture one. So true! Great post... you changed my mind, for sure.

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...

I love this!! I am a firm believer in quality, comfrotable clothes. I have made the mistake too many times of buying something that isn't comfortable or doesn't fit right. Now it's a strict rule for me but it has made me so much happier!! Nick and I get pictures one once a year and they always make me so happy. I noticed over the years we tend to take less pictures on a daily basis, so the professional pictures become really important! This is a great post.

Unknown said...

I love these! I've never really thought specifically about "rules" I live by, but I agree with these. I actually can't remember the last time I wore makeup! Though that's partially out of laziness haha. Oh man, and I totally second the good posture! I am so grateful that I spent several years of my childhood doing Irish dance, because that helped me develop much better posture-and I've noticed that I just look and feel better when I'm sitting up straight and letting my body language convey poise and confidence rather than slouching around all the time.

Suzanne said...

Haha! I should try the baby trick, once. Just to see if it works : ) My go-to is hold a pug normally.

I've had people tell me that before, "Are you sick? Is everything okay?" LOL. Sad but true. They knew me from my blog which is where I wear makeup regularly. IRL not-so-much.


Kay R. said...

Agree with the bare faced sometimes rule and the posture one. I am one of the few people I know that sits with my back straight and not slouched at all times!

Unknown said...

Always wash your face with a good cleanser. That way, you decrease acne and can go bare faced with confidence. I agree with simple clothing that is both pretty and comfortable. This helps you look and feel your best. Very good reminders. :)

Kristin said...

Comfortable clothes! They don’t have to be frumpy or athletic gear, but if you’re uncomfortable it shows.

rooth said...

I am with you on the no makeup rule. I can't be bothered and makeup is expensive! My other rule is - wear comfortable underwear. Because feeling uncomfortable beneath your clothes is never worth it

Farrah said...

I'm with you there! I very rarely wear makeup since I can't be bothered, and I'm all about comfort when it comes to clothing! :] Yay for sunscreen too--it's so important!