17 August 2018

Life These Days: August 2018


We are firmly entrenched in the nearly inevitable trap of being lured into thinking that our own baby is the absolute best and cutest and smartest and most wonderful baby in existence. I do realize that this happens to pretty much all people in possession of babies. I try to not get sucked in. My siblings play with Cyrus and say, "He's just the best baby I've ever met!" and I always remind them, "We only think that because he's our baby. Everyone thinks that about their own baby, but actually babies are all unique and there's no really such thing as 'best.' Even if we could objectively look at the facts, I'm sure there are lots of babies who are much cuter and smarter and better behaved and funnier and sweeter than Cyrus."

And then I go home and cuddle my baby and say, "I think you're the best and smartest and cutest and most amazing baby in the whole world."

It's a trap.


Angel's new job! He's now a high school teacher at an international school, this year teaching three Spanish classes and one PE class and spending some hours in charge of the school clinic as well. School started this week and it's been very exciting! Angel's been looking forward to work everyday and I look forward to his return home and stories of all that happened. It's a very real new beginning for our family. I spent one day at his school before classes began helping him get the classroom set up, and had a blast.

This really is very much a whole new world...seeing as I never went to school until I went to college, getting to know the inner workings of a high school is completely fascinating to me.


On a similar note, what I've been planning, mostly, is lesson plans. Alongside Angel. He knew going into this that first year is going to be the most challenging since he's starting from scratch in teaching Spanish, so our quality time in the past week has mostly been spent lesson planning together. If we keep this up, my Spanish skills might just become pretty amazing.

Also tentatively beginning to plan a vacation during fall break, a roadtrip to Thailand, but have yet to make any real commitment in the form of bookings. If we're actually going to do it I'll have to start doing some serious planning for it, soon!


Dinner tonight is whole wheat spaghetti  with a creamy and spicy sauce filled with garlic, onions, chicken, and zucchini. Lest you be too impressed, tonight's menu was inspired by "What do I have in the fridge and how can I use up everything before sending Angel to market tomorrow?"


Lots of middle-grade books, since my sister brought a bunch over to serve as literature for my littlest sister's 7th grade school year (how is it possible that my baby sister is starting 7th grade?). I'm really enjoying the books, particularly "The War that Saved my Life" but Kimberly Bradley and "Summerlost" by Ally Condie and "Project 1065" by Alan Gratz.


Apparently nothing other than Cyrus. Literally the entire album for August 2018 so far from my camera is just Cyrus. Many of which are slightly blurry because he's always in motion but I can't bring myself to delete facial expressions like:

How is life going for you these days?

Unknown said...

That's so exciting that Angel has that new job! Wow, what an adventure. I hope it goes well for him (and you) in this time of transition!
That dinner sounds amazing. I've been doing something similar over here, mainly because I'm wanting to clear our room in the fridge and freezer for postpartum freezer meals, and I just don't want my cupboards cluttered with dry goods-I've been throwing together all sorts of fun concoctions with random pantry ingredients! And we've been eating tons of leftovers-my poor husband, I think I sent him to work with a pork+cabbage+noodle+tonkatsu 3 days this week :P Also, Cyrus is ADORABLE.

Kay R. said...

Happy for Angel! That is very exciting. Your boy is a cutie so I don't blame you for thinking he's the best!

Kristina said...

You totally should think your baby is the best. And let him know that. He IS super cute, anyway.

Kristin said...

It's pretty awesome that Angel can put all of his skills to use in one job. They're lucky to have him!

And yes, Cyrus is adorable :) (I can't see that name without thinking of twins I had in school a few years ago: Cecil and Cyrus)

Jenny Evans said...

No pictures of anything but the kids. And occasionally one of you doing something with the kids. Bust mostly the kids.


rooth said...

That last picture - so stinking cute. And yes, what a wonderful trap because he IS the best baby