11 November 2018

Family Photos: Outtakes Edition

I've always had this idea that once we had a baby, I'd like to get "real" professional family photos once a year or so. Of course, I also was aware that nicely posed photos would get just slightly more complicated once a baby was around.

We had our first-ever family photoshoot as a family of three (and my parents and two of my sisters got their photos done at the same time, because #efficient ) and I'm too happy with how the photos turned out. Our photographer was quick, creative, and reliable, and we are already thinking that we should book her again next year!

One of the unexpected hilarious outcomes of the photoshoot was that our photographer sent me some of the not-as-perfectly-posed photos, the "outtakes," from the shoot. Nearly all of them can be blamed squarely on Cyrus. I will share the beautiful photos in our Christmas card and in future blog posts, but this post is all about humor, so there will be no perfect moments allowed.

Honestly, he was a very happy little guy on the beach, especially when we let him touch the sand and water, but every baby has their moments. Let's consider this a glimpse into the 8-month-old's inner thoughts during family photos:

"These parents are smiling like they're in a stock photo and I'm like, I could be building a sand castle right now. Right over there."

"Absolutely no idea why they're all gazing off into the distance, because I'm definitely thinking that this is more of a 'stare dead-eyed directly into the camera lens' kind of shot."

"What can I say? I can only model so long before I need a nap."

"You're all so happy and I'm just...not."

"This is no laughing matter! I'm serious! I need sand!"

"Now that's more like it!!" (This is his happy face these days)

"I know the camera is over there but Mom's got these really interesting laces on her dress so I'm a little busy right now..."

"I really think this shot would be so much better if I could just slide right down to the ground and crawl to the edge of the pier and look at the ocean. No? Okay, fine then. No one ever listens to my creative ideas."

"See, I told you! This is way better! Freedom!"

All photos by Bayz Creative. It does her credit that I even love the outtakes! Her good shots were really, really good, too. :)
Bethany Carson said...

I just love these! Your baby is so cute! The photos and your comments are hilarious!

Unknown said...

Cyrus is so big and adorable! I really love these photos of you all. We just had my MIL take our family photo when she was visiting the other week (she has her own photography business) and our newborn was not happy about it at all, so I'm really curious and a bit excited to see how our family photos turn out :)

Kay R. said...

The outtakes are keepers!! Love these and gosh girl your baby is adorable.

rooth said...

Those are hilarious - he's such an independent guy these days. He looks the happiest when he's left to his own devices (uh oh)

Amanda said...

What a gorgeous background for family photos! Taking pictures with kids is always an adventure ha! He's so cute, though :)

Jenny Evans said...

I love all of your captions, which make the outtakes even better.