09 January 2019

Christmas Break Adventures

It's the last day of Christmas break! Our first Christmas with Cyrus, and the first one with Angel working at a school that has a Christmas break, so it was altogether a different sort of Christmas than previous years.

During December, we began little bits of Christmas traditions that we will continue and adapt in years to come. We read the Christmas story to Cyrus in both English and Spanish (how is it possible that I can even cry while listening to the Christmas story in Spanish...shouldn't I be too distracted by all the random words that I don't know?), I took Sarah and Cyrus to a Christmas play at Angel's school. We helped teach about Advent at a children's church Christmas party, attended Angel's work Christmas celebration, attended another Christmas party, hosted a Christmas open-house at our place....and then Christmas break finally began when the social engagements began winding down (an introvert's dream!)

We had our own little family Christmas, and then joined my parents and sisters for Christmas present opening as well.

Cyrus had so much fun opening presents, most of his 9 month video is footage from his first Christmas. And yes, he got presents. Clothes, which I was excited about so that he could stop wearing his too-small shirts that were fast becoming midriff-baring shirts...several books which filled my heart with glee...even a hand-me-down wheelbarrow full of megablocks which has quickly become a favorite toy!

My parents gave Angel a scale, which we have been ever so amused by (along the theme of..what's the one Christmas present you should definitely never give anybody? A scale.) But it's good for him, and he's using it as he's working on getting in better shape as track season approaches.

These new "cozy classics" are some of my new most-favorite books of all time for Cyrus. We found them for 8 RM apiece ($2) at a book sale in October, and it was love at first sight for me. Thankfully, Cyrus is at an age where pretty much he just gets whatever Mom wants him to have, whether he appreciates it or not. I get way too much amusement out of reading these books to him and explaining the entire story from the pictures (particularly in the case of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," as I'm a lifelong fan of Mark Twain).

After Christmas we went and took a baking class. A baking class? What?! Why?! Partially because it's a new place that just opened and there are not often new fun things to do on our island, so we might as well appreciate the activities that do exist. And besides that, while we consider ourselves to be adept at baking, we're really much better at baking in large quantities as opposed to baking things that look petite and fancy.

This was my dish, a strawberry charlotte, which does not involve any actual baking, but was a new recipe for me, one that I've since repeated, with great success. Having now eaten this dessert twice, I highly recommend it, because strawberries are delicious, and I'd like to try making a raspberry one sometime.

The ladyfinger cookies on the sides are optional. They make the dessert look very fancy indeed but the filling and the crust underneath are what make it delicious.

(I guess a practical girl can take a fancy cooking class but it still doesn't make her fancy.)

MaryGrace's rainbow cheesecake was my other favorite dessert. It tasted like...a normal yet delicious cheesecake, but looked extra cute. Sarah made a three-layer purple ombre cake, and Mom made a glazed lemon cake. We came home from the class and had a cake-eating party.

Other things that happened during Christmas break that were not pictured (much is not pictured because I didn't have my camera out that often):

- Game with the family: Balderdash and Golf, the card game

- A "Series of Unfortunate Events" Season 3 marathon on January 1st

- Major housecleaning and furniture-moving projects. MaryGrace now has an art table in her room, which means that my parents won't have to complain about her spreading her art supplies all over the dining table nearly as often anymore.

- Took Cyrus swimming, took him to the park, little adventures that we often can't fit into the usual schedule.

- Angel started running daily again, I started exercising daily again (can you tell that in the weeks before Christmas...schedules were a little TOO tight?)

Happy New Year! What did you all do during the Christmas season?
AnneMarie said...

That's so nice that you got some quieter family time in the midst of the hustle and bustle! All of that sounds so fun. Those "cozy classics" look ADORABLE! We have a couple of books kind of along those lines-a Star Wars book with felted character pictures, a BabyLit version of Huck Finn, and "Goodnight, Mr. Darcy." It is so fun to share beloved classics or fun fandoms with babies and toddlers via boardbooks :)

That baking class sounds so fun, and your strawberry dessert looks awesome! What a neat activity to do together.

rooth said...

I told Bryan that I'm ready to start running again. One more month until we can drag the dog along with us (he turns one in one month)!

Michelle said...

A baking class sounds so fun! I would love to do something like that. I'm so intrigued by those cozy classics books!