19 April 2019

Choice Words

Cyrus is not what you'd consider an early talker.

In fact, until just recently, he hasn't said any words at all. Sometimes he appears to be attempting to carry on an intelligent conversation, but none of us can understand him, so in the end he gives up, due to our clear lack of comprehension of baby talk.

Angel and I both dutifully talk to him, accompanying words with actions and items, using both Spanish and English throughout every day. We read stories to him in both languages, sing songs in both languages. He gets plenty of exposure to words, he just doesn't use any.

I'm not worried at this point. Every kid has their own timeline. I mean, he was walking very well at 10 months so I think he just decided that walking was a bigger priority for him than talking.

But he has started using his first two words over the past week or so:




Out of all the words in two of the world's most influential languages...that's what he went with.

What amuses me is that neither of the words have any practical, communicative use. I've tried explaining to him many times that if he will learn words like "food" or "milk" or "water" he will have an easier time getting what he wants. I've tried telling him that if he learns "Hola!" and "Bye-bye!" and "Good morning!" and "Please?" he will win friends and influence people. If he learns Mama or Papa or Aunt Sarah or Grandma or Grandpa he'll woo the hearts of those closest to him.

But no, "Wow!" and "Boom!" is what he decided on.

I encouraged teaching him "Wow!" because it seemed like an easy and generally positive word to say, and saying something is better than nothing when I'm worried that the pediatrician is about to start hounding me on his lack of speaking.

"Boom!" came because it's his favorite page in his Cozy Classics board book: "War and Peace"

He will impatiently wait as we hurriedly read through all the pages that come before, and then as soon as we flip to this page:

He'll say, "Boom!"

It's adorable.

Still, rather useless on the whole.

Here's to hoping more words are coming. This morning we were all lying in bed, cuddling with Cyrus, and trying to get him to talk.

"Cyrus, say Boom!"
"Say Wow!"
"Say Mama."
"No, say Mama."

Know of any other kids who picked slightly non-traditional first words?
16 April 2019

What's New

Well, first of all, to explain my very uncharacteristically long absence from the blog, is the main reason why I've been gone:

Baby Due in November

We found out on March 12. I had been very hopeful, but Angel was more skeptical. I think it took him a few days to believe it was true. I think I somewhat naively hoped that this time around, my body would be a bit more of an "expert" on how to be pregnant and wouldn't cause any drama. But that has not so far turned out to be the case--during week 7, I was sure I was experiencing a miscarriage again, and I was devastated--only to be utterly shocked at my follow-up appt. to see a baby measuring 8+2 with a strong little heart beating.

I don't think words can describe the shock of that moment. Angel said to the doctor, 2 or 3 times (I think the repetition indicates how shocked he was), "We did NOT expect to hear any good news today." I felt like I was "given back" my baby. Indescribable.

The doctor is still quite cautious, letting us know clearly that there's no guarantees of anything at this point and told me to take leave from work and stay resting as much as possible (which is all well and good, but Cyrus can't read doctor's notes...). We are praying and hoping and counting each day with this new little one. I'm supposed to be avoiding basically everything for the next month, hoping this body can get itself into gear.

Sonlight Ambassador

I was thrilled when, early this year, I was contacted by Sonlight about becoming a Sonlight Ambassador--receiving curriculum in exchange for contributing articles to their website. Homeschool has characterized the entirety of my life and it's a topic I love to write about! My first article has been published on their site: When You Are Disappointed: Homeschool Visions vs. Reality

Spring Break

Angel had his first-ever Spring Break at his new job and we spent it in the most teacherly-Spring Break fashion. We had one doctor's appointment for me, one for Cyrus, and a routine car maintenance appointment (only thing missing are dentist appointments, but no way am I tackling that with first-trimester nausea. Summer break).

We also took Cyrus out to the biggest playground on the island, where we'd never taken him before. I think he was a little bit overwhelmed, he just wandered around looking at all the play equipment, most of which is too big for him to climb on anyways. He very purposefully tried to chase the little birds that were hopping around, but they always hopped out of his reach just in time.

We went to visit the new Ikea that opened up on the mainland--the first time I've left the island since October! I need to get out more. We had nothing too exciting to buy, mainly bedsheets. Bedsheets here are either abhorrently expensive, seemingly made out of plastic, or lose their elastic within a week (I spent our first two years here using binder clips to attach the fitted bedsheet to our mattress after its weekly washing). Ikea is the best option for not-quite-so-expensive, somewhat-better-quality bedsheets, and now that it finally opened, we had our chance to replace sheets! Hurray!

We had lunch at Ikea--I got a croissant for Cyrus and I to split and in hindsight, I should have realized that he is definitely at an age where he needs his OWN croissant because he'll eat the whole thing. Mom might be eating for two but Cyrus has a lot of growing to do...

So that's what's new in our world! How's life going for you?