15 May 2019

Letters to Everything

Dear Green Apples,
Thank you for keeping me alive. Against all odds and all normal advice for good things to eat while nausea reigns supreme, you are the only food that remains consistently edible. Thanks for that. Consistency is much appreciated. Although, I'm not sure if a diet primarily composed of green apples is what those who study nutrition would call "balanced," but this is not the time to quibble over such small details.

This was 12 weeks.

Dear Summer Break,
I am very excited for your imminent approach. This is a first for our family--Angel is off of work for a whole six weeks! And we are all looking forward to the time together and the work we can get done together during that time. Maybe not everyone in the world can quickly renounce their chosen career and become a teacher instead, because that might not work out for the world, economically, but you really can't beat the job when it comes to time off!

Dear Apartment Building,
Whose idea was it to build all of the apartments with kitchens that vent into the communal hallway? I mean, it's been relatively fine for years, but all the cooking smells of all of our neighbors waft into my own kitchen as early as 6:30 in the morning, and braving a walk down the hallway as any mealtime approaches is like unto taking my life into my hands--chicken curry, stir-fried seafood, roasted chilies--I don't care what it is, I just can't bear to smell it. However, I have always thus far made it INTO my apartment again before vomiting so that's still a win.

Dear Jeopardy,
Maybe other people in the world think other shows are far cooler, but I'm not sure there's much better than the sheer innocent fun of watching this show some evening and trying to answer the questions faster than the participants. Also, I love the look of awe Angel gives me when I get an especially obscure question right. And it was so fun the time that Angel said, in response to the "Final Jeopardy" clue, "Oh, it's the guy who wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray." and I was like "Oscar Wilde? No, I don't think so." And then none of the Jeopardy contestants got the answer right...and the answer turned out to be Oscar Wilde???!!! How did the man who has never willingly read a work of poetry or fiction get this answer right?

Dear Cyrus,
You are so ridiculously fun. There are so many countless moments I want to memorize, and I know I'm going to forget anyway. The way you "dance" as soon as you hear any music, even if the "music" is just me humming some sort of invented beat. The time I heard you suddenly start whimpering, a sort of "fake cry," while you were looking at a book, and I found out that you were looking at a page that showed a sad little boy on it. You were fake crying in solidarity. You now do that every time we read the book and it's the funniest thing. You have so many things to learn! I love how adventurous you are and that you always want to go somewhere and do something. I love that you try to put my shoes on my feet when you are ready to go somewhere. I imagine many fun travels with you in the future! You got the "Let's go!" gene from your mama.

Dear Mother's Day,
With all celebratory things, we tend to either go really big, or be really chill. This was one of the chill ones. We thought about going out to eat together, but braving the weekend crowds in this city? No, thank you. So we ate random leftovers at home. Angel brought me flowers from market and my sisters gave me a gift and a young man from our neighborhood brought me a second bouquet. How sweet! After church, Angel took an afternoon nap and then went to play basketball with the Sunday basketball crew. But the very best part of Mother's Day was this photo, the result of a photo op in the church nursery. It really needs to be printed out and framed. Even since ultrasound days, when I said, "Wow, that is one grumpy-looking baby!", this has been Cyrus's "resting face." This photo makes me laugh every time I see it.

Dear Date Night,
I think since late March we've been saying, "We really should have an actual date sometime soon." But then I was supposed to be resting with my feet up, and have usually felt too horrible to go anywhere even if it was allowed (I have no desire to vomit in public when I could vomit at home, thank you), and Cyrus really is a fun person to hang out with and our babysitters have a busy schedule of their own...Maybe this weekend will work out.  Or next week. I joked with Angel that last week's OB appointment where Cyrus cried when they did the ultrasound was kind of like a date...because at least we drove in the car together and went somewhere. Everyone says you "need" dates....I'm not sure that's true as I tend to be strict with what I consider needs...all I know is that I do "want" them and it's okay to want something and to be patient till the opportune moment arrives. I know lots of couples don't go on dates at all...but I also know us, and that we've always loved making the most of the chance to go out and do something fun together when we have the opportunity. I've also learned that date night pre-baby and date night post-baby is a totally different thing. Perhaps that's a blog post all of it's own.

Thanks for the tag, Callie!
Callie said...

Yay, thanks for joining in! 😀 Ugh, sounds like you’ve been hit hard with the nausea - I hope it fades soon? Or do you have it all nine months? ☹️Your Mother’s Day sounds lovely, I love more laid-back Mother’s Day activities. Cyrus’s face though, haha! ❤️

Kristin said...

Cyrus is so big!
I don't think I ate an apple the entire time I was pregnant. I think it's fascinating that a human being can grow on bread, potatoes, and chips lol (because that's about all I ate).

Elizabeth said...

I can relate to all of this! Apartment smells while pregnant? Yeeess. I remember when I was breastfeeding, asking the Russian doctors what I could eat, and they apples and rye bread! Sometimes the sour foods are what you need! Academic breaks are so nice, but my husband always has big plans for writing articles and preparing for future courses. And I always have big plans for fix-it jobs, but instead we end up catching up on paperwork and doctor's appointments. Dates are fun, with or without kids. I have pretty low standards but anytime my husband can join us on an outing sure feels like a holiday! We were going through all the Jeopardy episodes on Netflix, but had to stop when we got to the teen tournament, kind of boring. Perfect show for when you are a pregnant or just emotional mother and need something with no drama. Cyrus is adorable!

AnneMarie said...

I am so excited for you all to have a summer break together! I hope you enjoy it (and will be feeling better for it). I also hope that things get better with the food smells in the apartment building-that sounds like it would be awful to deal with when one is pregnant and nauseous!