28 October 2019

Currently in October

Sewing: A surprising amount of projects. This has been probably my oddest nesting instinct...I've felt a very specific urgency to use up as much of my fabric stash of leftover fabric from previous projects as possible, and in the last month or so I've made a variety of items that I can't picture here because they are intended as Christmas presents, among them, the most adorable skater skirt for the littlest sister and a bunch of throw pillows. Also some fabric Christmas ornaments, and most recently, a couple of no-sew fabric garlands for Christmas decor. I've also got an embroidery project that I've been working on consistently after Cyrus's bedtime, but I'm not sure if I'll actually be able to finish that one in time...

Wearing: The latest in modern fashion, superglued glasses.

One of our room doors tends to swing on its hinges into the middle of the doorway, and one day recently I wasn't paying enough attention and walked straight into the edge of the door, cracking the frame of my glasses, popping the lens out...and also ended up with a tender bruise above my eyebrow for a couple days. Oops! These glasses had been bothering me for quite some time, I often found myself pushing them back up on my head at various times throughout the day because they bothered me, but I was really trying to hold off on new glasses till after baby...but a few days after this incident we went to an eye doctor and they said that my prescription hasn't changed, the reason the glasses have been bothering me is because they're just old (about 4 years old) and the UV coating was separating from the lens, causing strain. Who knew that happened?

Well, actually probably everyone knows you ought to get your eyes checked more often than once in 4 years

So, I'm getting new glasses, soon, and at Angel's persuasion, ended up opting for the more "out there" option of the two pairs I had narrowed the choices down to, so that should be an exciting return to being able to see clearly and a hint of quirky fashion once more.

Preparing: Well, we certainly ought to be preparing for the new arrival due in about 3 weeks...we have made some progress. We haven't given the birth plan to the doctor yet but intend to remember to do that on Saturday. We have washed Cyrus's infant car seat and readjusted the straps down to newborn size but haven't put it in the car yet. I'm kind of envisioning that we won't end up installing it ahead of time but will just throw it in the car on the way to the hospital...when you drive a small five-seater hatchback there is not much motivation to install a second carseat any sooner than necessary.

We don't have the crib set up in our room yet, either, but again, kind of thinking along the lines of space being at a bit of a premium this time around. We definitely started setting things up earlier with Cyrus! I have washed the sheets and all the smallest sizes of baby clothes and have packed a tiny bag for baby for the hospital, but I haven't really packed for myself yet, although I did get out a bag and put two toothbrushes and a sample size tube of toothpaste in it because last time, having to request my parents to bring toothbrushes to the hospital when they came to visit baby (because I forgot to pack them) just seemed a little bit ridiculous. ha!

I feel like a lot of moms worry about going to the hospital too soon or too early...for some reason last time I was not at all worried about that, or about waking Angel up to tell him to get ready within half an hour of my first-ever contraction. Which ended up being a good thing because we didn't have all that much time to spare. I don't know if this time I will end up less or more focused on getting to the hospital ASAP....

Anticipating: November appears to be shaping up to be an extraordinarily momentous month for my family. There's Thanksgiving, of course, and the baby, but then, also, my sister is getting married:

(photo by their photographer)

The wedding is in America, so it doesn't have that much physical impact on those of us who live so far away, but it's definitely an emotionally impactful and momentous event. Being a big sister and watching all of these "littles" grow up has been amazing, and I'm excited for the new life she's about to begin.

Also, my parents are the keynote speakers at a parenting conference in November, and they have long-time family friends coming to stay for a week, and my dad will be traveling out of the country for a different week, oh, and did I mention the baby that's coming due? Which is slightly more complicated this time since now there's a 20 month old who will need to be taken care of while we're in the hospital? 

And another sister is in the midst of busy preparations for her 4th-ever booth at an arts and crafts sale happening the first week of December. Over the past month, we've been working together on applying to colleges and scholarships and trying to figure out what her future might look like. Angel and I pretended to be responsible parents and took her to a college recruiting night being held at the school where he teaches. Again, with the big sister stuff--what an experience it is to sit there and watch one of my baby sisters asking questions of a college recruiter about financial aid options, dorm life, opportunities within the art department, etc.

They all grow up!

Playing: With Cyrus and the other kids. Angel's school had fall break recently and during his week off, we really tried to make the most of balancing adult responsibilities (doctor's appointments and getting our air-cons cleaned) with playtime at local playgrounds and at the beach, and with his new Mr. Potato Head toy that Grandma got him. To me, all of the faces he will put together on Mr. Potato Head look crazy, but what's funny is that he'll find some specific face combinations ridiculously hilarious and start cracking up at his own Picasso-esque face creations.

Planning: Future travels. Having been on the island for a solid 12 months at this point has left me with a certain amount of cabin fever. Yes, being home-bound has been well worth it and I'm so excited for the little guy we'll be meeting soon...and I'm also excited about the prospect of taking two little boys on adventures elsewhere. 

I think when Angel and I were more new to our relationship, my casual planning of adventures in the uncertain future unnerved him, but at this point, he thinks it's totally normal when I randomly bring up the topic of potential destinations for a 10th anniversary trip or things I want to make sure we do when we visit the USA. 

Writing: I'm trying to get a little bit ahead on my articles for the Sonlight blog, in anticipation of being a little extra distracted in the near future, but haven't yet managed to get as ahead as I'd like to be. In the meantime, my most recent article published on their site is about Keys to Foreign Language Proficiency for Homeschoolers!
Kristin said...

LOL to the infant carseat. We installed ours around 35 weeks and THEN I felt okay. I, like, desperately needed that to be done.

Congratulations to your sister!

Elizabeth said...

I'm totally in denial that you're near your due date! Seems like just yesterday you were struggling to get through the first trimester with morning sickness. I'm sure it didn't go by that fast to you! ;) So wonderful that you've made it through this pregnancy, prayers for a healthy delivery!

AnneMarie said...

Wow, it sounds like you will have such a full and exciting November! I am so excited for you guys :)
My mom just let me borrow a sewing machine, so I have a feeling that I'll be hitting some sewing projects soon (the urge to make myself another cloak is very strong right now lol!). I agree about the Big Sister stuff-it is so exciting! I don't live as close to any of my siblings, so some of them I only see once a month or every few months (and one I only see about once a year), but it still is thrilling to see their lives take off in different ways. One of my younger brothers is also in the college search right now, and it's neat to think about where he'll end up and what he'll be doing at this time next year!

Chantel said...

Oh man, I feel like the sewing projects was such a tease. I want to see more pictures! Also, Cyrus is absolutely adorable.

Jenny Evans said...

The baby always slept in a Pack n Play in our room for the first 6 months to a year anyway, which takes about 10 seconds to set up so if you've got one of those, no sweat! Cyrus is looking more and more ready to be a big brother every day...