04 June 2020

Six Months with Baby

And just like that, half a year flew by. But we always say that, don't you?

My Glen, you are going to have some very interesting moments in history recorded in your baby book.

Size: At his six month appointment, he weighed in under 15 lbs, and I can't say he's just "long and lean" either because while his weight has hovered around 5th-3rd percentile, his height is usually 1st percentile or below. He is a tiny little thing, and that is so cute and different after my extra-chunky Cyrus. The few people who have seen him think he's about the size of a 3-4 month old, that's the general impression he gives, and I have friends with 3 and 4 month olds right now who are heavier and taller than him. It's been fun having a tiny baby! He's in 4-6 month clothes although pants are still 0-3 month pants.

Eating: I started feeding him baby food the day he turned six months. It took him a little extra time to get really solid head and neck control so I didn't want to start early. He has since turned into a solid food monster and loves solid food more than milk, I think...we shall see if this chunks him up any. He actually really likes scrambled egg and banana, both foods that Cyrus utterly rejected.

We took a video of some of his first foods:

As you can tell, he hates avocado. Which I don't mind, because that means I don't have to share my avocado.

Sleeping: He is not a great sleeper. Cyrus woke up about 3 times a night to eat until he was weaned, but he never played at night nor just stayed awake crying. This one has night when he'll do both. But last night, he only woke up twice to eat, and there were no 2-hour midnight parties, so I'm calling that a win. Let's work toward more nights like that.

Milestones: He got his first two teeth since he his six months. He army crawls at high speeds across vast distances.

Which is hilarious, because since he's so little, he looks like a 3 month old crawling all over the place. He loves playing with toys, especially Cyrus's toys, not the baby toys. He thinks his brother is the funniest thing in the world, and big brother loves to oblige his entertaiment needs by jumping up and down so that baby will laugh at him. So far, he's not a big fan of daily storytime, he just wants to be on the move. He will put any piece of hair on the floor in his mouth, so he requires a very clean environment, haha!

So grateful for six months with Glenn!

Kristina said...

Aw, we had that outfit, so it brings it back to see it! What great expressions he has!

Kristin said...

He looks so much like Angel!

I found that they go through phases with the foods they prefer...Wells had days when he'd love eggs or bananas or oatmeal and then refused them for months at a time. We still don't do great with breakfast. He generally eats fruit and crackers. Oh well.

AnneMarie said...

What a cute kid! It's amazing how the time flies. I don't think either of mine was that tiny, but my firstborn was in 0-3 month clothes for the first 4 or 5 months, which was nice. I didn't have to worry about constantly getting bigger clothing sizes!

The Lady Okie said...

What a cutie! I guess I didn't realize he's only 2.5 months older than F. I cannot imagine F being old enough to crawl, but that's not too far away! HOLD ME. Although J actually didn't crawl until he was like 10 months old, so I might have a while lol. I weighed F last weekend and he was 15lbs, so you're right about people thinking he looks about 3/4 months!

Kay R. said...

What a cutie! He's adorable. I was a tiny little thing as a baby, and I guess Im still tiny now (im 4'11) but Im happy and healthy and wouldnt have known I was tiny as a baby if my mum didnt tell me lol.

Brita Long said...

He is so precious! I can't believe he's at 6 months already.

Jenny Evans said...

What a cutie! I will have to go back and look at some pictures of Cyrus when he was that little. I think they look so different!

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