15 March 2021

Where Did I Go? seems like after years and years of faithful blogging, I ought to offer an explanation as to my total disappearance from the 'map' of The Random Writings of Rachel. 

I've always written on this blog because I loved writing. In June this past year, I got offered a contract to write homeschool curriculum....a LOT of homeschool curriculum. Suddenly I found myself waking up in the wee hours to write, squeezing writing in in all the nooks and crannies and naptimes of life...and there was no space for The Random Writings anymore.

Some of you know I've been making Youtube videos, too, some of you know I've fallen head-over-heels in love with this homeschool world all over again. It was a part of my life all as I was growing up, and I guess I could never leave it behind. Instead, I've jumped in with both feet.

The end of my writing contract left me with an itch to write and create my own curriculums and resources, resources that reflect my ideas about education and that support families who are pursuing bilingualism. I roped the talents of my many siblings into this idea, and "Where'd You Learn That?" was born.

It's a tiny, baby thing right now. It's me writing at 5 a.m. and Angel translating my lessons and my artist sister drawing illustrations and my graphic design brother and sister making designs and my teenage sister taking product photos. It's a tiny, beautiful dream that's coming true. This is the website: and you can head there and download free samples of my curriculums if you want to see more. In the meantime, you can look at these pretty photos.

So that's where I've been, still writing, but somehow, surprisingly, finding my passion and my voice in homeschool and preschool and curriculum. I'm diving into using the Spanish-language lessons with Cyrus and I'm nervous but I'm excited for the adventure in bilingual homeschooling.

rooth said...

Isn't it mind boggling to wonder where the time has gone? I'm glad you're still staying busy with your creative pursuits

AnneMarie said...

What a cool project! It's so neat that God has moved you to work in this direction and let your creativity flourish in this way :) I haven't heard much before about homeschool resources specifically geared towards bilingual households, that's very cool. Thanks for sharing about your new endeavor!

Farrah said...

Time flies by so quickly! That's awesome that you're doing bilingual lesson plans--they look beautiful + it's such an awesome project! I don't really have any friends homeschooling kids right now but definitely will pass along your site to them if any of em' start! :]

Elizabeth said...

Writing homeschool curriculum is like a dream job. Congrats!

Callie said...

That is so exciting, Rachel!

Jenny Evans said...

Wow, those are amazingly pretty pictures! It's pretty awesome how something comes along and like GRABS YOU WITH BOTH HANDS and you just can't pull yourself away you love it so much. I'm so happy for you!

C said...

Hi Rachel,

I just watched your "ALL Homeschool Parents Want THIS for Their Kids," and started typing up a response. Partway through I realized the reply was getting too long and too personal for youtube, so I hopped over here to leave it on your website. I hope that's okay. (BTW, I'm "C").

I totally get your worries about your sons and finding a sense of belonging. I am a biracial TCK myself, and definitely went through periods of "I don't belong anywhere" and "I don't have a place to call home." It became especially acute when we moved back to one of my home cultures when I was a young teen.

What finally got me through was, oddly enough, stumbling across a song called "I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger." It referred to heaven as home, and that was a real lightbulb moment for me. Suddenly, I realized that I DO have a home, I just wasn't there yet. And that was such a comfort. I DID belong somewhere. Whatever cultural hodgepodge I might be, I DID have an identity--and identity in Christ. And that was so very grounding. Nothing could take that away from me. (I really like the verse in Hebrews 11 that talks about Abraham "like a stranger in a foreign country, dwelling in tents. . . looking forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.")

Once I rooted my identity in Christ, I was okay being an outsider. (After all, I didn't belong to this world!) I knew who I was, and people's opinions or standards might sadden me, but could not shake my sense of identity. And surprisingly, accepting my "outsider-ness" is what enables me to embrace and explore my cultures. I can love and learn and claim Chinese culture for example, even if my Chinese peers see me as an outsider. I'll never be "Chinese enough" for most of China. But that's okay, I'm not living by their standards. I know who I am.

Now I am raising my own cultural hodgepodge children. I'm sure they'll have some sort of identity crisis at some point. But the best thing I can do for them is to point them to Christ. I trust that everything else will sort itself out in time.

You mentioned wondering if your children have a place where they feel "at home," where they don't have to be "on" all the time. I think that's really less of a place or cultural landscape, and more the people in our lives. I feel that way with my family, with my spouse' family, with my college bestfriends. It was less our culture, but that in these contexts I was loved unconditionally, and my culture, even if foreign, was accepted as part of who I am. I could mention yearning for chicken feet, and the people who love me will sympathize even if they don't want to ever get within 15ft of chicken feet. "Well, I don't know of anywhere to get chicken feet, but you wanna go out for boba tea?" And if I did happen to find chicken feet, these are the people who will go with me, and will even consider trying a bite. These people are where home is.

Sorry for going on and on. Identity and culture are something I am passionate about. I wish you the best on this marvelous journey with your family.