31 Days of Growing Up in Malaysia

For the first time, I'm choosing to participate in this year's Write 31 Days challenge. I've never done it before, less because I was intimidated by the number of blog posts, and more because I found the prospect of sticking to one topic for a month rather frightening. I could never think of a topic to write about for that long.

The thing is, if you've been here long at all, you may have noticed that my biggest strength as a blogger lies much more in storytelling, and much less in the more popular realm of trying to educate others in my realm of expertise. I decided that in this series, I will get back to my favorite sort of blogging--storytelling.

I will be sharing 31 stories from the years when I was growing up as a third culture kid in Malaysia. Stories may vary from silly to serious, but they will be tales of moments that left their mark on my memory as the years went by. I hope that as you read this collection of stories, you'll get a better picture of the land that has had such an influence on the person I am today. All of my stories are true. Key players in them will be my parents and six siblings, along with Auntie Letchimi, who was our househelper during our first few years in Malaysia, and her kids, who, as our neighbors, were involved in many of our childhood hi-jinks.

Here's the directory for all the Days:

Day 1: Breaking the News
Day 2: Shopping Should Be Easy
Day 3: Pickled Nutmeg
Day 4: A Nearly Severed Thumb
Day 5: My First Sari
Day 6: Robert and the KFC Leftovers
Day 7: Science Experiment Gone Wrong
Day 8: Our Mid-Morning Snack
Day 9: Power-Outage-Induced Insanity
Day 10: Eating Davy Jones
Day 11: Ice Fight
Day 12: Breaking and Entering
Day 13: "Can I Have Your Number?"
Day 14: An Epic Sandcastle
Day 15: The 2nd Motorbike Accident
Day 16: Durian Ice Cream
Day 17: Rain Bugs
Day 18: The Tsunami
Day 19: Care Packages
Day 20: The Bread Man
Day 21: A Walk in the Park
Day 22: "Bad Monkey Island"
Day 23: Burning Schoolbooks
Day 24: A Question of Color
Day 25: One Woman's Love
Day 26: I'm Thankful for Pesticides
Day 27: Leaving Home
Day 28: Strangers in Our Homeland
Day 29: My Surprise Return
Day 30: Bringing Home a Boy
Day 31: Any Questions?
Unknown said...

This is going to be a great blog series. I understand how much of a culture shock it is to move to another country, especially one you don't speak the language. When I moved to japan I was so depressed for such a long time. But eventually I loved it and I am sad we have to move again.

Unknown said...

This is a fun idea! I might use these prompts to do some practice writing!

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

Storytelling blogging may not "catch fire" like some viral DIY project, but it makes deeper connections with the people who find it. :)

Sara said...

Wow! Sounds like a busy yet grabbing series!

Leah Courtney said...

I love the idea of this series! My sister -in-law is Malaysian, so we hear quite a few stories of their culture. Her family is all of Chinese ancestry, so she also share about the Chinese culture that surrounded her in childhood. I'm looking forward to this series. :-)