The Random Writings of Rachel: RESOURCES


For Blogging:

Best Sources of Blog Ideas
How to Blog Well
Why I Don't Read that Blog
5 Blog Posts I Love to Read
10 Unusual Blog Post Ideas
Tsu - Social Media site that's perfect for bloggers who want to earn an income for the content they create!


LanternFish  - Activity, Worksheets, and Game Ideas
TEFLnet - Worksheet Generator and Games
ESL Gold  - Resources for Learners
ESL Lounge  - Games and Class Discussion Ideas

For life in ShenZhen, China:

ShenZhen Metro Website
Nogogo - Delivers Western Groceries to your door. Angel and I primarily eat local groceries, but many expats find this service very useful when they have a craving.
YouKu  - Netflix/Youtube of China. If you search enough, you can find free full-length English movies and tv shows

For Learning Mandarin:

Pleco - Dictionary App
Living Language - I highly recommend the books for beginning language learners studying on their own, I am extremely impressed with their layout and efficiency. I linked to their online Language Lab where you can play free language learning/vocabulary reinforcing games.
How to Learn a Language - All strategies I've used in my own language learning career
Memrise - Has free educational courses in many different subjects, among them, Mandarin.

For Travel:

Airbnb - (Our referral link) We almost invariably use Airbnb when we travel. Use this link and we'll both get a discount!
AirAsia - Inexpensive Flights within Asia
Why You Shouldn't Bargain When Traveling - a request to think before you haggle.
How to Entertain Yourself when Flying Solo - inspired by my many flights between the USA and Asia.

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